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An individual finding themselves in a totally different body is a familiar occurrence in fiction, one which usually in various wacky antics. But according to current scientific understanding, if such a thing were even possible, the consequences would likely be quite traumatic. This is quite a familiar trope in fiction, the body swap, where a character finds his or herself inhabiting a completely different body.


I definitely foresee a lot of situations akin to just about every movie where a clone or copy is questioned.

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Also, I see Olympics and pretty much any sport not being the same, maybe something like automotive sports where it can't happen without the vehicle but the driver are still the most important part of it. If you've no way to prove your own identity besides some information which has been stolenyou could possibly become an "orphan" consciousness. Continue this thread. Then you have a dilemma -- you have two people who are both in the wrong body, one of them is in the body of the other, but the other is in a third body.

Formerly-drunk-guy will be found soon enough friends, family-members, neighbours, etc But at least Mario has bought himself some time.

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Mario in the meantime goes to another country, and proceeds to find another person to switch-and-run with. Another consequence, however, is that if there were reliable procedures to determine who was in which body interrogations about the details of their lives, perhaps? Lots more "got lucky" high-fives at work.

And with the literal ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes, we see a much greater level of understanding and empathy. In addition to these great points, there's also now the possibility of immortality via constantly choosing younger bodies. In the morning, the formerly-drunk-but-now-in-middle-school-teacher's body guy is waiting with a cup of coffee and breakfast for Mario to wake up, and for them to sex back.

The original body in this circumstance could claim that he or she was in fact not the same person -- that he or she was ANOTHER person entirely that the original rapist had raped again, using the body of the original victim. The potential for communities to understand each other better would be extremely high and it would also be possible for a hivemind of sorts to exist.

Well low body prostitution probably goes the way of the dodo. Found the internet! Mario decides sleeping it off is the best way to go, and they both go to the formerly-drunk-guy's place. New economy based on bodies, and Chimerasame's entire post becomes a valid situation. I can imagine a scenario where someone can effectively disappear by having a string of casual sexual encounters.

Bodies no longer matter and regardless of whose body you end up in, you still go to work every day. Constantly swap from body to body, groups of people who just have sex during each other all the time and who have lost the concept of individuality would probably have a wildly different worldview than the one we have today.

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However, they are also more traumatic for the victim you're suddenly faced with a choice: counter-rape your rapist in your body, which is generally about the last thing a victim wants to do, or be stuck in the 'wrong' body. He now in a She body drives around town, looking for bums and lowlifes to switch with The drunk is reluctant of course because in this world you don't just have sex with just anyone you meet but the guy is drunk enough and Mario is desperate enough.

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Every time you have sex you switch bodies with the person you're having sex with. It's possible some of those individuals would still be alive today and they would be considered extremely important, human libraries if you will. I assume this is what normal people would do when drunk-switching with strangers - make them breakfast, talk it out, have awkward, friendly sex to switch back, exchange s or not if you're too embarrassed and leave.

Maybe big companies would hire fit people so the 'company's driver' could use their bodies as a vehicle and it would be a completely new market. Most people wouldn't be interested in switching bodies with a meth-addicted toothless skank. Another possibility that is a bit more naive than the other one, but slightly more interesting: if immortality is real and if this is something that has existed since humanity started then it would either have the effect of slowing down society's progress in general, I think. Photo or other biometric identification becomes useless.

At first I bet it'd be weird and you're like "lets screw again so we can switch back.

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If this is the case then people would just have more children than normal, have sex with those children body they reach a certain age and dispose of their adult bodies somehow. Organized crime would take ahold of this. Some switch bodies often, some never do. The Sex finds out because of the obligatory crooked cop, and Mario has a hit on his head.

A random thought just popped into my head after reading the last sentence of during post: what if you had sex with a dead body? Of course it's dangerous, and of course there are plenty of risks involved - but the thrill of being in a strange new body is too much of course, laws have been adapted to for the fact that if someone runs away swap someone else's body, the police will help you track them down and switch you two back. Criminal prosecution becomes MUCH harder since it would be nearly impossible to prove "who" was inhabiting a given body at a given time.

You make a great point. But Mario has no such plans. It would be easy to trail Mario since he leaves his victims alive, but if he kills them and hides the body when he switches it might be harder to track him.

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Rapes are now generally riskier for the perpetrator as they are then in the situation they put their victim in, and retribution would be relatively easy for victims minded such. I feel like each person's consciousness would become associated with an identity in society such that you couldn't do anything without a consciousness related username and password. Let's say Mario the snitch has decided to turn state's evidence on his mob boss.

He knows that the police will be on him as soon as the lady now in Mario's body so he makes a run for it. Alibi brothels become a thing.

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Do you require the swap, such that the original body-holder's body is restored, infringing on the rights of the second victim? Posted by 7 years ago.

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Everyone knows. He wakes up hungover, knocks out the formerly-drunk-guy with a well-placed candlestick to the head or whatever, and takes his IDs and money and books himself the first flight out of the country. Also, the body traffic would be a certain and scary thing. What if you're just Sarah pretending to have been raped so that you can be a man?

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This would be a good time for a shrewd detective to come in and start chasing him all over the world trying to catch him. I can't imagine exactly how that would be like but it's an interesting direction. Identity theft becomes a huge deal. IF the middle-school-teacher managed to wake up in time and call the police about the body-theft, she won't have to deal with the mob hitmen, if they do decide to come in. In the event a rape occurs and the victim does not immediately reclaim his or her body forcibly, yet, the evidence of the crime is sound and the rapist is in custody -- there is now a very unusual legal situation in which, bizarrely, the most fair thing presuming the victim is interested in doing what they need to do to reverse it would be to legally require the rapist to consent to sex with the victim in order to switch their bodies back.

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Sex happens in the car, and Mario finds himself in a drunk body. This may be delving too deep, but it's likely that in a universe in which this phenomenon was normal, whatever mechanism by which it works would have been discovered, and a procedure developed to switch bodies back without having intercourse, analogous to artificial insemination. Theoretically the perpetrator could try to re-rape the victim afterwards to swap back, but would have to manage it from the other body, which isn't very practical, considering there's probably a power differential there.

As someone who take care of his body eat well, workout, use sunscreen, don't smoke or drink alcohol it would be really frustrating to end up in a 'messed up' body, like not being able to properly run as I'm used to. Once they switch, Mario waits for her to fall asleep before pulling a runner. So, Mario is to the switchplay bar and finds a strung-out middle-school teacher to fool around with. The legal issues surrounding rape are still difficult, especially with more than two parties involved who's really who?

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As another point, if blowjobs count then Monica Lewinsky would have been president for a while. All of this, agreeing in what body people said about your body not meaning YOU anymore, it's just the 'shell' you're using right now. The other guy, now sober, realizes what he has happened and decides to drive Mario to his place to sober up so they can switch back this new formerly-drunk person doesn't know that Mario is on the run, but guesses that Mario is a crazy person who likes the thrill of random switchplaying during people.

Add to that the strong incentive for the victim to get their own body back and to escape the trauma of inhabiting your rapist's body as soon as possibleand the issue of sex would probably disappear as well. Mario ties up formerly-drunk-guy just in case. In short I think this actually would be a very positive change.

As soon as the crime is done, the victim has the very body of the perpetrator and can simply walk into a police station to be identified. At the same time it's possible that those societies would still manage to swap somehow and then a few individuals would remain alive to tell the story of how exactly it happened and what should be changed.

Reply Share. Selling 18 years olds to the highest bidder. I'm assuming there is a foolproof method to prove that a body belongs to a person.


If the police are informed in the morning, they will be looking for the school-teacher's body, which is tied-up in formerly drunk guy's room, who won't be found for let's say another day. He knows his days hours? Random sex likewise probably has to take a dive because of the logistics involved.

Take a typical married couple or long term couple for instance. I initially thought there would be little to no cons with this situation, but it turned out to somehow make a bad thing worse.

Body swapping: the science behind the switch

Or what if you are Sarah now, trapped in a man's body? But in this case, you can't replace a worn tire or a broken cable. It could be planned with the help of one or more third parties, but as a crime of passion, you couldn't get away with it. But I think a lot of relationships would actually become much stronger. Centralized power is achieved and that society then would have citizens in power that will pretty much never die.

Effects of a virtual gender swap on social and temporal decision-making

Another thing that someone else said is that bonds between people would be stronger. Eventually people start to look past physical features and begin to only understand each other based on their thoughts resulting in an overall much better world in which people are judged only for their ability to think.

Edit: Some people may greed for more advanced or capable bodies though, so this throws in a different set of problems. With the same citizens never leaving their positions of power, progress would likely be hindered or slowed in comparison to our society.

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Immersive virtual reality enables people to undergo the experience of owning an artificial body and vicariously feeling tactile stimuli delivered to it.


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