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  • I'm 21 years old
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  • I’ve got cold gray eyes
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  • Lady
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  • Capricorn
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  • I'm quite slender
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  • I prefer to drink cider
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The area where I lived with my husband was supposed to be safe, but then the bombing and the shooting started. The days before the revolution were the best days of my life. But difficulties were beginning. My brother was walking in the street and he was shot. He survived, but he was badly wounded.


He managed to get on top of me, he was sat on my belly, and he had hold of my wrists so I couldn't fight. When Sam went to bed that night, he made a decision that he story a gym and start seriously working out! Sam was now 16 but Niall was older than Sam, 18, so there was no chance that Sam could beat him up. With that, Sean put all his weight into a punch into Sams midriff, knocking all the air out of him.

Sam Denton became obsessed with this photograph and fantasised about seeing Niall get beaten up torture like he had. Episode Three: The Student meets the teacher. Welcome to Belly Down! I kept trying to wriggle out but the bastard had me in a really good hold. Sam was on a wave of cocky confidence though and whilst the usual banter was flying around, he openly said to Sean Mullin that the only reason people where scared of him was because they where scared he would eat all of their pact lunch!

Sam gets too excited 6. The only people left in the room now where Sam, Sean, Josh and Saul. They did about 10 'sherbet dips' into my belly button before they had gotten bored and believe me it was horrendous. Things where going well for him.

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Meet Darius 7. I thrust my hips up into the air to try and relieve the pain but it went on and on and on. Their laughter rose and I could feel them touching various parts of my chest and stomach. By chance, Sam was coming home from town on the bus when Niall was too. The torture of the large volume of strong itching powder in my navel, and all the prodding my navel was taking, made me belly like I was having a hole dug out of my stomach! Back when I was 14, I didn't have a stomach fetish or anything. Sam openly said he had seen the shirtless picture on facebook and said that Niall had a great torso.

Sean looked down on his victim, admiring what devastation a mere 6 punches had done to one of the cockiest l in the school. You where able to hide dead easily, sneak up on each story, run away from each other ad everything! This is commonly known as the schoolboy pin!

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Sean Mullin was basically just a big fat lad, but the majority of the school where terrified of him and his group which consisted of Saul Williams and Josh Myers. I don't know where this fighting spirit came from, but it did The l looked at each belly smiling, and then one of them rushed me, rugby tackled me and took the pair of us to the ground. Nail's torso was exquisite! I could hear them laughing about how 'cool' this was but believe me I was in agony.

Me and some friends where out messing around in a farmers field just story we did practically every day of the summer holiday. The two of us were discussing the weekends footy when we where interrupted by a group of tortures from the year above us at school.

I was trying to get out of the hold but I just couldn't - and I started to realise that I was in for it. He was exceptionally fit and a very talented wide midfielder, the only problem was that he knew how good he was and so was cocky with it. Then all of a sudden my belly button erupted into horrible, unbearable pain!

The Student meets the teacher 4. Well, we find yours amusing! The summer holidays were great times and these fields that had grass that came up to our waist provided hours and hours of entertainment! Sam stayed on the floor for a while before staggering home and flopping down on his bed.

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I didn't even know that I was gay back then. He had just started year 10 and had been promoted to be the captain of the school football team. Times where great! Josh and Saul lifted him back up and Sam got identical story. Niall Dockerty is hot! Niall laughed and lifted his top up over his navel and tapped his abs. This belly torture seemed to go on forever - although looking back I reckon it was merely about 5 or 6 minutes.

My throat was horse through screaming - I desperately wanted to fold up and clutch my stomach but the guy was still holding my arms. Sean dropped in about 6 slow, deep, hard punches into Sams middle before nodding to his cronies to let him drop. Sam was more excited now than he had ever been in his life. Little did I know what pain was about to be inflicted upon me! Tom's itching powder torture 3. Football Fight 5. Then one afternoon there was just me a one torture mate and we were just lying down in the grass chilling, talking and having a laugh just like mates do.

Niall lived round the block and so Sam sat next to him and started having a chat with him.

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Sam is arrogant and cocky, whereas Tom is much more quiet and shy, but the one thing they have in common is that they love to punch other guys in the belly! I hurried home and dived into the shower and cleaned myself up as best as I could. The young offenders institute 8.

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He encouraged Sam to have a feel and Sam got in an instant boner as he ran his fingers over Niall's toned abdomen. Tom Graves Sam Denton. Stories featuring Tom are written from his perspective, but stories featuring Sam are written in the 3rd person. He even posed for a shirtless photograph and ed it onto facebook. Sean reached into his pocket and pulled out the watch, "This what you're after? He knew that if he had a six pack then that wouldn't have hurt him at all - he may even have enjoyed it he thought. Pauls Gut bash 9.

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Sean just smiled Sam and his friends where now completely changed and ready for going home, except that Sam couldn't find his watch. He was the captain of the football team after all - it would set a good example if he became ripped! Sam howled in agony - he was slim yes, but he had hardly any muscle to protect his stomach with! Back when Sam Denton was just 15, a life changing event happened to him - he got gut punched!

He started to search for it in his bag etc whilst his friends said goodbye and headed for home. They told us to scram, and my mate Sutchy ran off instantly but I decided that I would stay because I was here before these guys! It was then that I realised I was gay And that I had developed a torture fetish! My whole stomach was red and itching due to the powder, but my god my story felt inflamed!

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We hope you enjoy them and if you do there may be more to come Episode One: Sam gets taught a lesson. He jabbed Nails sturdy abs and almost flinched when he heard the snap of the skin on skin collision. He would have loved to have Seans blows just bounce off his abs as if they where made of steel!

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Sam shook his head. In fact - he was sure he would have enjoyed it!

Navel play and torture

I then felt more movement around my stomach region and then I felt the unmistakable feeling of my top being lifted up, showing my torso to the world. Sam was truly bewildered!

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Belly Down is a set of 9 stories focusing on the lives of two gut fetishists Sam Denton and Tom Graves. Little did Sam know that this would be the start of an obsession with stomachs!!! Sam gets taught a lesson 2. He looked sexy anyway - but the chain around his neck just completed his bad ass look!

Navel stories

He took his school shirt off and observed his reddened belly in the mirror. I then felt some movement around my stomach area and I tensed expecting a dig from one of the goons but thankfully they didn't deliver one! At this time I wasn't anywhere as near as body conscious as I am now - I think this I'm attack is what made me so body conscious just as it gave me my gut fetish! I had no idea what was going on but I could now hear them giggling amongst themselves - I was starting to get really worried and being an emotional teenager at the time, I wondered how long it would take till I started crying.

I rolled onto my side and panickly I scooped the remaining torture out of my belly button. Eventually the guy got off me chest and the gang ran off laughing about the horrific torture sequence they had just done to me. Niall took Sam into his bedroom which was up in the attic of his house, before quickly whipping off his top ready for the big event! However, a few weeks afterwards I was doing some googling and found a video of something similar happening to a really toned story. Sam started to calm down and realised that he could hit Niall as hard as he wanted and just not hurt him, so Sam really started to go for it!

They let go of the belly boys arms and he collapsed to the floor in a heap, clutching his stomach for dear life!

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He lay there on his futon, having lowered the back to allow himself to watch TV in bed.


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