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Just as a Werewolf is a monstrous wolf like humanoid so is the very rare Werecat which is a terrifying cat like humanoid. However that is where the similarities end. Werecats are far more powerful than Werewolves, and even most vampires when their origins lie in that of the Earthly Gods either directly descended or indirectly through magic.


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What is a werecat?

A werecat is a lycanthropic creature of folklore, horror, and occultism, described as being a shapeshifter. Unnatural World Wiki Explore.

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Occultist Rosalyn Greene claims that werecats called "cat shifters" exist as part of a "shifter subculture" or underground New Age religion based on lycanthropy and related beliefs. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Werecats are real [video]

In the nineteenth century, occultist J. Street asserted that material cat and dog transformations could be produced by manipulating the "ethereal fluid" that human bodies are supposedly floating in. These cats are called in the werecat community "mixrels" or "change-furs".

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Paranormal answers to supernatural questions

Depending on the buts in question, the species involved can be a domestic cat lesser werecata tiger, a lion, a leopard greater werecatsa lynx medial werecator any other type, including some that are purely fantastical felines. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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The word "werecat" was not coined until the late 19th century, so it was not directly used in legends from earlier eras, only by later folklorists' commentary. The Catholic witch-hunting manual, the Malleus Maleficarumasserted that witches can turn into cats, but that their transformations are illusions created by demons.

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However, on some occasion a werecat has the ability to turn into multiple species between shifts, however, they typically only stay within their grouping. Register Don't have an ?

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Typically, an individual werecat can only transform to one unique feline, not to a of different species, and each individual type of werecat may be known by a more species-specific term such as "werelion". Assertions that werecats truly exist and have an origin in supernatural or religious realities have been common for centuries, with these beliefs often being hard to entirely separate from folklore.

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The origins of Werecats remain hotly debated.


They are called Lykoi cats because this new breed looks like werecats or werewolf cats.


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