horney bitch Kaylee
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  • Years old:
  • 22
  • Where am I from:
  • I'm cambodian
  • Caters to:
  • Man
  • Tone of my eyes:
  • I’ve got soft hazel green eyes
  • Body features:
  • I'm quite plump
  • I like to drink:
  • My favourite drink tequila
  • Hobbies:
  • Reading
  • Smoker:
  • No


One night at Cherryton Academy, an herbivore student is brutally murdered. Wolf Legoshi. Or would he? Will dwarf rabbit Haru bring out the beast in him?


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Meant to get this out for easter, but hope you all enjoy it even though its a bit delayed! Published: May 18th, Last Updated: May 21st, Tags: rabbit transformation 1 animal transformation 0 rabbit to woman 0 wonderland 0 rabbit 0 bunny transformation 0 alice in wonderland 0 animal 0 female to bunny 0 rabbittf 0 feral 0 alice 0 long 0 female to rabbit 0 haretf 0 anthro rabbit 0 hare 0 bunny 0 woman to rabbit 0 fey 0.

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Published: Mar 31st, Last Updated: Apr 1st, Tags: demon 2 tail 1 scissoring 1 lesbian 1 oral sex 1 tail sex 1 hypnosis 1 ass expansion 1 masturbation 1 female 1 bunny 1 tail growth 1 mind control 1 sex 1 fantasy 1 corruption 1 woman 1 rabbit 0 passion 0 nudity 0 love 0 drug use 0 gay 0. Isabelle and Looda resolve to start their world conquest by corrupting the mountain town of Dill.

Hanna has to make Joel understand that she isn't a monster after her transformation stays a bit longer than expected. Hide Works-in-Progress.

Season 5 chapter 4: thicc rabbit thighs (s5 1st lemon)

Communing with Nature by gabrielmoon. Buns of Steal by kayemarquet. Published: Sep 23rd, Last Updated: Oct 7th, Tags: potion 0 witchcraft 0 witch 0 girl 0 rabbit 0 bunny 0 anthro 0 feral 0 witches 0. Published: Dec 10th, Tags: punishment 1 bunny 1 rabbit 1.

Would you date an anthro rabbit (male or female)? why or why not?

Published: Feb 14th, Tags: anthro rabbit 1 female 0 rabbit 0 big breasts 0 wererabbit 0. Published: Jan 1st, Tags: pig 2 rabbit 1 transgender 1 unwilling 0 magical transformation 0 food trigger 0. Published: Aug 22nd, Tags: rabbit transformation 0 unwilling 0 unwilling change 0 rabbit 0 woman to rabbit 0 animal transformation 0 bunny transformation 0 bunny 0.

Published: Apr 15th, Last Updated: Jun 30th, Tags: bunny 0 feral 0 rabbit 0 female 0. Heated Exchange by kayemarquet. Summer meets with Cynthia once again, and he out to make her big speech to the school!

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Just a quick were-rabbit transformation story I put together about a man coming to terms with his sexy were-rabbit girlfriend! While she hopes to be able to catch up with her friend, Charlotte has other plans, hoping to expand her Petting Zoo. Bun-bun-love by SenorIncongnito.

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Chef's Table by kayemarquet. A girl angers a witch which curses her to the cowardly rabbit she is.

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This rabbit hole is deeper than it seems. A young inexperienced witch plays with her family's potion cupboard. Published: Feb 28th, Last Updated: Feb 28th, Tags: ass growth 0 wererabbit 0 anthro rabbit 0 bra and panties 0 breast expansion 0 animal transformation 0 anthro transformation 0 human 0 rabbit 0 embarrassment 0 were-rabbit 0 orgasm 0. Rabbit Rabbit by daisu1. Published: Sep 18th, Tags: fox 1 horse 1 mtf 1 alien 0 anthro 0 forced change 0 rabbit 0 anthropomorphic 0 rape 0 deer 0. Clear Filters Set Filters.

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New Zoo-Rabbit by wallace Published: Sep 26th, Last Updated: Jul 31st, Tags: zoo 0 rabbit transformation 0 female 0 animal transformation 0 rabbit 0 part of series 0 woman to rabbit 0. Paying back a debt And then some Now with anthros! A recent commission and followup to Black Card, Broken Exchange involving the transformed girls from there getting revenge.

Rated PG. Published: May 17th, Tags: magic 0 animal 0 cursed 0 female to rabbit 0 rabbit 0 magical transformation 0 witch 0 my neighbor is a witch 0 transformation 0 hare 0 curse 0 woman to rabbit 0 bunny 0 bunnytf 0. A group of men try a ritual to initiate a commune with nature, not knowing that they would be possessed with spirits that would reshape their forms instead Alice Rabbit Transformation by daisu1.

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Coming to Terms - Part 5 Wererabbit Transformation by corviswolf. Anna, curious as to why Caitlyn hasn;t got back to her regarding her interview, he to the New Zoo for her own interview. Vote for the adventure, part 2. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending.

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Coming to Terms - Part 4 Wererabbit Transformation by corviswolf. The exciting conclusion. Things were going so well for Hanna, but maybe she got a bit overconfident as the heat continues to build! Fertile Waters by skiesofsilver. Hanna and Joel continue to deal with Hanna's transformation into an increasingly horny were-rabbit!

Rabbits characters

Published: Apr 14th, Last Updated: Apr 16th, Tags: breast expansion 0 breast growth 0 were-bunny 0 forced transformation 0 forcedshifting 0 vaginal 0 big breasts 0 were-rabbit 0 vagina 0 cumming 0 orgasm 0 embarrassment 0 anthro rabbit 0 breasts 0 multiple orgasms 0 unwilling 0 forced change 0 rabbit 0. Try as she might she can't stop or control the horniness welling up in her. Published: Jan 21st, Tags: anthro squirrel 0 unwilling 0 anthro shark 0 wolf 0 anthro transformation 0 anthro rabbit 0 mtf 0 tiger 0 rabbit 0 anthropomorphic 0 anthro cobra 0 gender transformation 0 shark 0 sex 0 anthro wolf 0 squirrel 0 gender change 0.

A different take on a goosebump story.

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Published: Feb 9th, Last Updated: Feb 12th, Tags: wererabbit 0 wet 0 lactation 0 big breasts 0 anthro rabbit 0 pussy expansion 0 rabbit 0. Published: Aug 13th, Tags: m2f 1 bunny 0 anthropomorphic 0 anthro 0 pregnancy 0 rapid pregnancy 0 mtf 0 transformation 0 idol 0 magic 0 preg 0 tgtf 0 pregtf 0 rabbit 0 tftg 0.

A wonderful Patreon story involving a thief and some payback. Furryless Exchange by kayemarquet. Let's hope that she doesn't gets paid in carrots Published: Mar 20th, Tags: ftm 0 intersex 0 mtf 0 romance 0 rabbit 0 dick 0 transgender 0 tgtf 0 deer 0 antelope 0 revenge 0 pregnant 0 anthro 0 cum 0. Hannah doesnt know why she is continuing to change.

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Rated R. Published: Jun 24th, Tags: chipmuck 0 rabbit 0 paws 0 male 0 ferret 0 feral 0 magic 0. Have you ever wondered what happens when a zoo needs an animal last minute? Wading through some water in an ancient temple brings fertile, lapine Pussy into bunny by SenorIncongnito.

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Include Tags. Rated X. Published: Sep 15th, Last Updated: Sep 15th, Tags: rabbit transformation 1 romance 1 furry love 0 transgender 0 buttplug 0 rabbit 0 impregnation 0.

Furry bunny porn videos

Coming to Terms - Part 3 Wererabbit Transformation by corviswolf. Part 2 of my were-rabbit story! A Hare Raising Tale by jazzfly5. A Patreon monthly story involving a couple visiting an exclusive restaurant. Published: Feb 6th, Last Updated: Feb 12th, Tags: milk 0 anthro transformation 0 drunk 0 big breasts 0 rabbit 0 anthro rabbit 0 body growth 0 ass growth 0.

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So what you're trying to say is, you'd fuck like rabbits?


The white anthro bunny commented as they waited for the knot to subside.