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This is a fan-fiction story that is a crossover with the cartoon show, "Animaniacs. Yakko pulled out his iPhone, and opened Galaxy on Fire 2. He had built a spaceship by himself, based on the Veteran from his favorite game, but much smaller, and with orange paint, and blue and yellow stripes. As Yakko began thinking all of this, he saved his game, and put the iPhone in his pocket, and climbed into his spaceship. No, but you can both fly with me!


I was gonna draw all three sibs but God drawing is hard. They were even infused with other types of DNA to see if they could gain any other abilities based on it.

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It'll be an epilogue taking place a year later. Thank you everyone for supporting my first Animaniacs story, and thank you thetimelimit for yet another beautiful artwork!!! But you know what? Aftermath has been reposted! Because of the unexpected addition of the wings they were experimented on to see what other potential abilities they had gained.

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Then one day they escape, along with one of the doctors from Terrace Labs, or The Terrace as they call it as in Termite Terrace where they had been drawn in the showDr. Scratchansniff, who took care of the kids and served as their father figure until he mysteriously disappeared the kids are sure that he was abducted by workers from The Terrace and killed for treason against the labs. If you have a prompt for a 'first' that you'd like to see, don't hesitate to inbox me here or on ao3.

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It reminds Max of their first date. As always, this fic is inspired by the artwork of the amazing fantasypuppy. It was meant to give them better breathing capability but it also resulted in them being born with wings.

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Dot: And Minnie knows he has commitment issues and yet she still stays with him! Mickey: Now listen here! I'm adding this picture here because it was originally drawn for this au, but then I changed it a little for TLFoZ. Chapter 5 of First Time's the Charm.

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Wakko: Hey, Mickey, pulls out a color wheel that has various shades of blue Based on this chart, what color is it down there? Slightly rewritten and a bit longer and hopefully more accurate the story is up for your reading pleasure.

Fanfic:yakko warner: space pilot

Chapters 15 and 16 are up as a 2-parter! Yakko, laughing: What?! Yakko and Max have loved each other for years; ever since they first met as teenagers. Show More.

New fic dropped, lol. Everyone's got these amazing au's going so let me offer my own crack au: Maximum Warners Maximum Ride au.

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In this chapterYakko has a migraine, which unfortunately, isn't uncommon for him. View Full. Me: Don't you dare post a super involved fanfic series until you are sure you can commit to it.

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In which the Warners were created in a lab as genetic mutations with the DNA of humans, dogs, cats and just a little bit of avian DNA as well. Except for these rare instances where they were allowed just one gentle night together. They were supposed to be 1 chapter, but it was WAY too long, so I had to split in.

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Also me: Hey you know what would be a great idea? Fanfiction ao3 fanfic animaniacs animaniacs incorrect quotes animanics incorrect animaniacs quotes yakko warner dot warner animaniacs wakko warner incorrect quotes mickey mouse Minnie mouse mickey x minnie disney incorrect quotes incorrect disney quotes disney animated classics Disney fandom crossover.

But despite how much they love each other, being together always ends in heartbreak for the both of them, so they cherish the few rare instances where they just happen to cross paths.

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Dot: Not quite, Yakko. Be sure to read the notes for each chapter.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It's back y'all! In chapter Wakko has finally reached the end of his journey, and we see him say both goodbye to his siblings, and hello to another family member he hasn't seen in years. After chapter 16, there's only 1 chapter left!

In chapter We see how Slappy and Skippy handled the news of Wakko's disappearance, and then, his murder. After that, Skippy and Dot finally gather the last bit of evidence they need to prove that Andy is responsible for Wakko's death.

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Skippy sighed.


After a two decade long hiatus the Warner brothers and the Warner sister are back and they have a plan to get back to the top.