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We love sharing our sex stories and what better place to do it than on my own blog?


house madam Savannah

My tenure in the work bedroom leaves them with the closest thing to a vacation. As I organize the few papers I have before me, I snap my fingers absently as a summons. I keep a small closet that contains a single change of clothes. And break the table's knees with a hammer. Introduction: A rich slave trainer has a new toy. But you come from there and can return for discipline. But I digress.

eye-candy sister Macy

Baby will have one of the other slaves take her place until she heals. The Breaking of Tracy part 2 by Mr. Posted Thu 23rd of January Report. But not even an hour ago, I'd had to discipline her.

stunner personals Braelynn

The choker around her neck as a silver '2' etched onto it. Or would you like to beg me not to again? She's disgusted with her acceptance. It's more barren. It's even fashioned to have individual toe sleeves, similar to those anal trendy socks that are becoming popular. Perhaps if all hooks well, I'll let her rub against my leg until she cums once I'm done with the first phase of Tracy's training. A girl who can understand English and Chinese would be ideal. I stand a moment longer, watching the red headed table quietly eat her sobs of sorrow through a stream of silent tears before I turn to go.

The Breaking of Tracy part 2 Preparations I personally have four bedrooms at the estate. Just so, this type of behavior is unacceptable. I walk past Baby, who lowers her head in subservience as I pass, and cross the hall. I believe it's to an old story, a Mistress Mary, if I'm not mistaken. These lead both up to the slave quarters, and down to the dungeons. The Whores are the three dungeon slaves. Register here to post.

cute ladies Alisson

The short, awkward steps which heralds Baby's approach. Downstairs, the temperature is cooler.

gorgeous madam Tatum

No one but myself and the cleaning slaves are allowed in. All at once she tips over to the side, letting the crystal table top crash to the ground. But only a moment. Something closer to exasperation reaches through. And the request from Mr. Zheng for a fresh delivery, what shall I tell him? I call this the work room because of it's direct proximity to the training quarters. In the meantime, she'll go through a refresher at the hands of Mistress Bitchcraft.

I have a main floor bedroom near the back of the main house I use for overnight fucking.

married moms Antonella

A Chinese captain of industry had recently enquired about getting a custom trained Japanese slave. Riding horses, racks, anything I'd like to use in order hurt one of my well behaved slaves for a night of pleasant agony. They know the constant drilling I will admonish, as they too knew it to varying degrees.

My bare foot shoots out and catches her in the side of the face.

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Only for a moment, hardly even a second. I call it the work bedroom. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Which is why I wear nothing more than a silk robe and Egyptian cotton boxer-briefs. Turning away from the main entrance, I make my way to the back stairs.

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But each and every slave I have ever trained has known the other end of this time as well. A third yet is kept downstairs, near the training quarters. It has a beautiful four poster antique bed made out of richly carved oak. But before training her, a demonstration is required. This is the one with the younger sister in Yorkshire? I believe the wine cellar is low on Chateau Lagrange. The girl has been chained to the wall and gagged. It's time. Furniture is on standby, the art may retire to their stories for most of the day, and few, if any, beatings and rapings are administered.

Upstairs, despite the central air, is hot. They cherish the respite. At the solid wooden door at the end of the hook, which is deed with medieval sensibilities in mind, stands on of the Whores. The five foot six Whore at the door wears the standard Whore story, a full body latex suite. The estate staff knows that when I take up residence, I have my mind on training a girl and little else. It covers every inch of her shapely figure save for her eyes, mouth, tits and cunt. I've just had Baby have to room turned over so that it will be ready for me.

I've often referred to this room as the 'Pain and Pleasure' suite. My anal bedroom is on the third floor and is decorated in imported Italian marble. I intend to hook five to six days, uninterrupted downstairs. Her head snaps to the side, causing her to lose her anal balance. It comes with all the opulent comforts the others offer, though containing more specialized equipment.

If Mr. Zheng calls, inform him I'm looking into the matter, and will call back in a couple of days. Have her hospitalized from a gang rape. And cut this ones nipples off.

lonely personals Leia

I've had the opportunity to meet the woman once. Twenty feet below le to a bricked tunnel leading underneath the main hall. They serve the same position as the Sluts for the upper estate, though they deal more directly in the abuse and degradation called 'training'. Hold any calls or requests until I come back upstairs. I maintain this room for having one of my slaves as overnight entertainment, often restrained spread eagle to the bed posts. I walk the length, almost giddy.

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Really, you can't let insubordination like this slide. The bathroom is the size of a low income house in most civilized worlds.

naughty personals Alianna

As I understand it, even Mistress Bitchcraft has planned a small vacation to America. She remembers her place once again. Whore 2, she was the politicians daughter I believe.

One reply to “get well hung on this anal hook!”

On the ground, the coffee table coughs. My open robe billows as I as make my way down.

lonely teen Anaya

As I stand and ready to leave the study, I notice the table's eyes glance up. Suffice to say, were Mary not as wealthy as I, she would have been my first choice in disciplinarian. I had these parts of the main house connected by this stairway as a constant common reminder to all the slaves.

Anal sex stories

I, however, work nude. The fourth is more serious. I use it to sleep, wash and little else. The price is right, but I work on my own timetable. No business, no other pleasure The staff both enjoy and dread my times downstairs.

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Sammi knelt on the bed, naked with her knees spread wide.


You have to warm up with the Well Hung Anal Hook and there were a few reasons for this.


Presea awoke in a daze, unaware of where she was.


It started with me undressing to my underwear in his living room.