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Count Dooku orders the death of his mother, Found insideWhen Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano arrive on the planet of Kiros to liberate it from the droid army, they discover that its entire population has been enslaved by the Zygerrians, and they set off to free them. When the rebels later met up in a safehouse in Iziz, Saw suggested that they increase their attacks on the Separatists. Despite ing up with the extremist Dreamers, Bonteri opposed attacks on civilians. Bonteri and his family moved to the planet Raxus Secundus, the capital of the Confederacy, where his mother was a member of the Separatist Senate. Everyone was confused.


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Keep reading. The Armorer is wearing her helmet, chest plate and jetpack, but is otherwise wearing a swimsuit. Anakin frowns, sheathing his sword and tapping a finger on his chin.

What episode does anakin kiss ahsoka

Ahsoka takes a pull of the clean sea air, grinning up at the dark sky and running a hand along the polished rail as she walks towards the base of the mast. She Ahsoka the darker of her two hats and her saber off the top of the chest tucked in the corner, grinning at Leia's affronted face and setting off for the door.

You're a pirate ," Anakin says, as though it's a completely reasonable argument. He's going grey at the temples, which Ahsoka thinks shouldn't surprise her, considering he's a good five years older than herself, and she's hit forty recently, but there's always barriss an impenetrable sort of youth to Jesse. It was so much fun to go through the tag every day and see the variety of ships and content. Ahsoka kisses against the table, all long legs and pretty skin adorned in gold.

Can interest the girlies in a desperate attempt to generate more content actually centered around female star wars characters? Well, it all started when…" Oh, fuck, Ahsoka thinks, as Anakin shoves her back, whipping out his sabre to hover the tip beneath the woman's chin. You look like you're having some trouble with your sails? Originally posted by hisiheyah The first — and last — time Leia and Amilyn kiss, they are on board the Resistance cruiser, Raddus. Because I had to write this scene sooner or later. Barriss's expression shutters, and and pushes off the polished wood, standing straight.

Her hand slips off the rail, slick with ocean spray, and she flails wildly to keep from falling, glaring at Anakin when he snickers at her. Barriss's mouth twists with displeasure, and she lowers tano lantern. Leia grumbles protests at the nickname, insults Ahsoka's ancestry and professes a deep dislike for life in general, but lodges herself firmly on Ahsoka's side, clinging like a barnacle and glaring at Barriss.

I offee Ahsoka hasn't been too, shall we say, spontaneous, so far? Behind her, Ahsoka can imagine Leia's matching expression. The kid on watch is fresh-faced and worried, nearly vibrating in place with urgency. But I didn't come aboard to talk about my past. Morai chirps, and she turns, walking backwards and tosses her apprentice a smirk. Last one. I assume you can negotiate that with the Council.

The pirate woman is unfazed, lips turning up ever so slightly. The first — and last — time Leia and Amilyn kiss, they are on board the Resistance cruiser, Raddus.

Ahsoka tano and barriss offee lesbian

Leia huffs, crossing her arms. The door bangs open, and Ahsoka sits up blearily, reaching for the knife besides her pillow. Her face is delicate in the light of the lantern she's holding, a diamond splay of tattoos crowning the bridge of her nose and running across her cheekbones before tapering off into her dark hecarf. The fire flickers, reflecting off the gloss of the main mast and the dark gloss of her mouth in equal measure. It's dark out on deck when they get there, crescent moon shining in full force with the stars to line the deck in silver and shadow, though they lost the shipment of color somewhere halfway through the atmosphere.

I believe I have some spare sail material on my ship that will suffice," she says, evidently deciding not to comment. The air tastes like infinity and moondust when she breathes, and Barriss's bare fingers on her shoulders press cool like the night sea. Barriss hums, sauntering forward to peer up at the burnt cloth, fingers tapping on the pommel of her sword. Ahsoka is wearing a red swimsuit with a white Jedi Order logo and yellow sunglasses. And I'd be happy to help.

She towers over Barriss like this, montrals nearly fully developed, and Barriss tries and fails not to stare at her arms. Ahsoka's heart beats faster.

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You interested in a dance, gorgeous? She's pretty. Ahsoka rolls her eyes, but doesn't stop the laugh that bubbles over her lips. Ahsoka laughs, clear and ringing. I can fix the sails without having to take them down, and with help, they'll be done by morning," Barriss answers, relaxing slightly, though it's clear she's still on her guard. Ahsoka can feel the glare pointed at her back.

Leia's there when she pulls away, storm groven deep in her features. I tried to get Rex, but he grumbled at me a turned over, and I don't know what to do--" "Leia, it's okay," Ahsoka stresses, swinging her legs off her bunk and hopping to the floor, taking the lantern from her apprentice and setting it on the desk.

We're equipped for battle, but we weren't carrying much ammunition.

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Barriss bristles. So to close out the week I did a short canon rewrite for The Last Jedi. Barriss grins again, leaning against the ship rail.

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Barriss grins rakishly, and Ahsoka takes a moment to appreciate how it scrunches the diamonds adorning her cheeks. I tried to get Rex, but he grumbled at me a turned over, and I don't know what to do--". With the help of Breha, she would make sure that her daughter would never feel unloved.

Credit to primeemeraldheiress for all of our lovely graphics.

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She looks to Leia, expression warming. Is that all? She meets Barriss halfway, sweeping her up into her arms, laughing in the starlight. Originally posted by hisiheyah. The bird agrees with me. Anakin splutters angrily, but doesn't protest when Ahsoka shoves him aside, letting the woman step foot on their deck. You were Luminara Unduli's padawan, weren't you?

She lifts the lantern higher, and Ahsoka's quietly notes the furrow of her brow and the fine lines at the edges of her black-painted lips as she focuses. She slithers out of her loose nightshirt, throwing it over the chair and pulling a sleeveless leather jerkin over her undershirt and gloving her arms to the elbows. Oh, fuck, Ahsoka thinks, as Anakin shoves her back, whipping out his sabre to hover the tip beneath the woman's chin. Leia harrumphs, batting her fingers away.

Ahsoka punches him, making an innocent expression when Barriss turns at his yelp, raising an eyebrow. Anakin kicks her in the ankle. Not that I know of, unfortunately! They scared with the first couple of shots, fortunately, but got a few at our sails, which caught fire.

Ahsoka and barriss

I had so much fun writing all of my AmiLeia fics. Barriss leans forward, pressing their brows together, and Ahsoka's eyes slip shut. I'm so sad this week is over!

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Anonymous asked: Are there any other SW wlw events in planning? Or--" "That's plenty of information thanks, Leia," Ahsoka says hastily, clapping a hand over her apprentice's mouth. Reaching up, she unties the silk scarf wrapped around her head, tossing the navy square back up to her bed. Barriss's sigh shouldn't be audible, her position on the other end of the ship to far off to hear from where they're standing, but Ahsoka manages anyways, taking off across the deck at a sprint.

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In these episodes, their friendship buds, they get buried alive together and attacked by infectious worms that can possess people, and are finally made to fight one another.


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