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Thousands of women have testified that after trying to conceive for years, they got pregnant after laying their hands on the legendary statues. If a woman or her spouse touches either statue as they enter the room, they will soon get pregnant. The male and female statues were hand carved with primitive tools. They stand five feet high and weigh over 70 pounds each. The African legend does not specify where one should touch the statues to ensure fertility. For many women, it has not seemed to matter.


Stands apropos. It stands about 4 ft tall. Cracks in head, in body and in base, crack in mother's arm, Additional Information: This is a classic and well used example of Bamana sculpture stylistically identified to a of similar figures and the shine of the surface could well harken fertility to an earlier style of carving in the early twentieth century. I am not sure on age or origin. By the looks of it. Figures are generally very simplistic, often no more than barely anthropomorphic in construction.

Very nice piece of art colourful bead work and lizard on head. One of the arms is african. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Very detailed. They don't come up often and this is a great chance to win one. For instance, dolls are made for the african purposes as the Ibeji cult among the Yoruba to ensure the welfare of a surviving twin and fertility dolls are made that are placed beneath the mattress of a woman to ensure her fertility when trying for children, much like the Akua'ba dolls of the Ashanti.

Authentic original vintage African tribe fertility statue Father Tree Of Life. Order by:. This statue is carved out of one piece of very very hard wood. I believe this is from Africa and is a tribal African Fertility idol statue piece. It has some statue in the wood due to age. Size: 18" Posted with. Not in the best condition but this statue still stands apart from all others. It measures approx. I do not statue the age but it looks African. Whats not to like about this guy? This wonderful Bamana figure is a rare classic carving with some age and long use stylistically located to the area between Bougouni and Diola.

Please look closely at details. Overall Condition, Fair. If there are more than 6 pictures, the rest can be viewed by pulling the scrollbar down. This wood is so hard you cannot mark it with your finger nail. Dimensions: International bidders please contact me for shipping costs prior to bidding. Their economy consists largely of subsistence farming, as well as commerce in the more heavily populated regions.

I believe this may be a African dogon or similar statue. Overall this item is in good condition. The Ewe are neighbors to the Ashanti, and are located in southeastern Ghana and southwestern Togo. Said to have been influenced by both the Akan and Yoruba fertilities, the art of the Ewe, though extremely simplistic by comparison, bears striking similarities in the ideology behind their creation to their larger more artistically prominent neighbors.

This standing. Beautifully carved in an excellent condition for it age. Thank you for your interest. I believe it has been missing for a long time. Very rare statue.

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Sculpture is an important visual component of the Jo initiation society for young girls and boys. African Tribal Statue of mother and. Wood Fertility Statue. Has a metal piece that looks like was used to brace the arm price which is missing. To view all the pictures we loaded. One of the arms or both may have been re-attached with glue or some type of adhesive.

All Canadian and International winners invoiced will include applicable tax. And have been treasured by several owners. Beautiful patina wear. Mid 20th Cent. Looks very old. Powered by. The Ewe pronounced ay-way are actually a separate people, Both cultures speak similar languages, though the Ewe speak an eponymous language called Ewe the languages of they, the Fon, and several others within the region are collectively referred to as Gbe languages.

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Good luck at the auctions! This item may not be our area of expertise so please ask any and all questions before bidding. Available to:. Still a very nice piece that needs some TLC. Sold as is. I am unsure. Winning bidder can pay by Paypal only. Looks like parts of the beard were chipped off somehow.

Fertility statues

See pictures. But a trip to the orthodontist is probably in order. Please with any questions Thanks and Happy bidding Check out my! I don't know which tribe it came from or how old is it. Dolls such as these would be placed beneath the mattress of a woman having difficulty bearing children in the hopes that the situation would be improved by the implementation of the doll's magic. The extraordinary range of figural sculpture among the Bamana of Mali gives rise to a wide range of styles sharing certain identifying characteristics.

Touch the fertility statues at ripley’s in ocean city!

Please contact me within 24 hours of receiving the item if there is a problem. Mossi Biiga African Fertility Doll Mossi Biiga Doll Free Shipping.

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Should you have any question I will try to answer. The styles may range from elegant forms as this figure or reduced to sharply defined geometric sculptures.

We need your stories!

Once you purchase your item there are no returns unless the item was misrepresented as to condition. I believe this is a fertility statue as it shows two bumps for breasts and one on the belly.

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There is a crack on the right side of the face and the tip of the left ear is missing. This statue is one of a kind carving in detail from single piece of wood. I will also be posting my entire collection and should you have the time please have a look.

Please use the scrollbar to the right of the thumbnail pics. We do combine shipping. The dolls would often become the toys of children who were born to said parent, and were sometimes enshrined. This particular figure is in quite good condition, displaying only normal s of aging, wear, and probable u.

Attie maternity statue on custom base 21″ – ivory coast – african art

Shipping is African Fertility Doll Statue This is a beautiful hand carved statue that has been in my collection for approx. Dolls whose arms or legs were to break during use are said to be better luck, as they would ensure that the child would be born with limbs in tact and without birth defects. As part of annual celebrations that take. As we are a conment service. Definitely not anything modern. Masks are not created among the Ewe. This odd little figure is an example of the use of fertility dolls among the Ewe.

A very simplified humanoid form with substantially reduced facial features.

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In great condition for its age.

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African statues seems to have an effect on the fertility of women who touch them.


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These powerful statues are on display now and free for guests to see and touch.